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AGE 3-4 YEARS  (nursery school, preschool )

"Almost Independent Learner"; children ready for organized play, whole group instruction with tons of fun. 


Occasionally, a 3-4 year old child may be shy or in need of parent support for the first few classes. It is perfectly fine for you to join your child in the class to help him or her adjust. We suggest that children be 3 years old when they begin the program-- we base that on cognitive & motor development milestones. That said, it all depends on the individual child and what they are able to handle in a group situation. If he or she is in preschool, is used to group play and can follow instruction then they are ready to join us! We want both you and your child to be pleased with our program and to have a great time.  We focus on all basic Lacrosse skills; cradling, scooping, shooting all done with a variety of fun games & drills.


AGE 5-6+ YEARS (kindergarten & 1st graders, up to 7)

"Independent Learner"; children in first year of elementary school that are used to a more formal atmosphere of instruction-- sessions will have a mix of group instruction & small team drills.


​Focus is on developing the skills of the game such as cradling, scooping, shooting , ball control, some passing and receiving of the ball, defense, overall fitness as well an introduction to "Team" concepts. Fun, skill development games are played!  


AGE 7-8 YEARS (2nd & 3rd grade)

"Milestone Learner"; school-aged children who are independent learners and used to group instruction.  All levels are welcome to attend and will be grouped accordingly. Session includes a variety of team instruction, small group drills as well as differentiated coaching. 


Emphasis is on proper individual skill development, participating in more challenging drills, playing age appropriate games and learning "TEAM" concepts. Continued practice of fundamental skills --cradling, scooping, shooting, advanced ball control, catching & passing, dodging & defense will be incorporated in each week's lesson.

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