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we are looking for passionate & energetic individuals

LiL Kids Lax is always hiring high-level, enthusiastic coaches who love Lacrosse and love coaching children! It is a fantastic opportunity to experience coaching the game of lacrosse at the very starting point of development!


If you are an elementary or preschool teacher, a physical education professional, a youth sports coach, an individual that has worked at a Camp, someone that is very energetic, silly & can capture the attention of children then we want you to get involved-- apply!



Through this program, you will gain valuable knowledge in how to break down the fundamentals of the sport. This is very important as the cohort that attend our clinics are range in age from 3-7 but are very new to the sport. We also are cognizant to incorporate listening skills, colors, counting, and teamwork as these are important to know as they continue to develop. Through shadowing and hands-on experience, you will undoubtedly attain valuable information that will be helpful should you want to pursue coaching or a career working with youth.


Our LiL Kids Lax Volunteer Programs is also a great way to give back to the community and volunteer your time helping others! In participating in community service activities, you are not only helping others, but it is intrinsically rewarding as well!

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