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LiL Kids Lax is the ULTIMATE Lacrosse introduction program for your boy & girl ages 3-7. Each season we bring a unique program to your child where they learn the fundamentals of lacrosse while having fun! They'll learn lots of skills and get tons of exercise-- all while they have their stick in hand! We got cradling, proper grip, scooping, running with the stick and ball, intro to passing/catching & even defense covered. We have built our curriculum specifically for the youngest of athletes pulling from years of lacrosse coaching experience, training in the physical education guidelines of the NAEYC, CDC and NASPE as well as following criteria developed by US Lacrosse.  

We don't only teach basic Lacrosse skills, but also letters, numbers, colors, listening skills, foot, hand and eye coordination. We emphasize teamwork, treating each other with kindness, and celebrate each new task a child learns in our program with encouragement.  We keep class sizes small with 2-3 coaches per session, each child gets plenty of coaching from our enthusiastic staff.