Absolutely love this program. Excellent introduction to lacrosse for little players! My son tried it and then signed up again! 

Dear LiL Kids Lax,
I currently have my son enrolled in the 5 year old program at Grace Day School. I attended both sessions and after observing both classes I wanted you to know how impressed I am with the curriculum and coaches. In particularly, Coach JD and his asst. Mikey are doing a great job with keeping the kids interested while teaching the basic fundamentals of lacrosse in a fun way. I just thought you should know the fine job that is taking place in working with this young group.  I look forward to the remaining sessions and in continuing with the program in the future. 
As a HS coach for over 20 years I knew you would appreciate some "positive" feedback! I also am co-owner of  a youth football camp and can tell you from experience that the coaches make or break the program!

Thanks & all the best!

Wanted to send an email  to thank you for my daughter's great experience over the years.  She has picked up the basic skills of the game, but more importantly she got up every Saturday and was excited to play the game.  She has had a few different coaches over the past few years, all are amazing coaches and do an exceptional job with the kids.  We will be moving to the older youth program but I wanted to thank you for her experience.


Lil Kids Lax was the perfect environment to introduce my 3 year old son to lacrosse and organized sports. It was great for him to be around kids his age and learn the basic fundamental skills within a structured curriculum. My son is finishing his 3rd session at the Eisenhower Park location and his skills have improved a lot since we started.  More importantly, he has never left one of the practices without a  smile.


My son has been involved since it began and looks forward to each session.  The coaches are amazing and keep the children engaged while they have fun learning the sport.   Skills are presented in a developmentally appropriate manner which is appeals to the little players.   Thank you for making lacrosse a fun and positive experience for my son!


They engaged with each child and made the experience fun. By his 3rd season, it finally clicked for him and he was able to scoop, pass and shoot and now he is hooked. He asks to go outside almost everyday to shoot in the backyard.


I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with your program- after just one class! The coaches enthusiasm, the organization, the email you sent with a few pictures....was just all very impressive! Brian LOVED last weeks class and can't wait to come back!It's so wonderful to find a great program that is organized with great people as well!


The coaching staff does a great job of teaching the basics to such young kids. My 4-year old son learned how to hold the stick, scoop, and had a blast running around (and even scoring a few goals). He especially loved when the kids ran as a team and would chase the coaches. I would strongly recommend LiL Kids Lax to any parent who is looking to get their kid into lacrosse.


As a physical educator, the program is well designed and implemented appropriately. It teaches them the skills that developmentally appropriate, while creating a fun and engaging learning environment. Both of my boys love going and have learned so much. Love the program!


Just wanted to say that my daughter absolutely LOVES lacrosse practice and looks forward to it after only 2 weeks.  The coaches are phenomenal and totally connect with the kids.  Great program!!  We are so happy!  Thank you.

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