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Because our youth lacrosse introduction program encourages boys & girls, ages 3-8, to run fast, be silly, play hard and get exercise-- all while learning the fundamentals of Lacrosse. 
Lacrosse is one of the regions fastest growing sports and for parents who did not grow up with the game, it can be a bit of a mystery.  It is fast-paced, often confusing and intimidating-- especially for young children.   
That's why we have designed our program to suit the developmental and emotional needs of children ages 3 to 8 years old.
 Our experience has shown that little athletes need a different approach therefore we hire and train the best coaches, we teach an age sensitive curriculum and we provide age appropriate equipment.  Our goal is to instruct, challenge, and further enhance your child's enjoyment of sports.


Well, for starts, we know Lacrosse and we understand young kids. Years of experience has shown us that programs built for older kids do not always work best for the young ones.  Just imagine your young child trying to play catch and run with a  Lacrosse stick in their hand. Now imagine your child doing it while wearing heavy, bulky, cumbersome equipment.  Think about it this way:

  • Little athletes can't scoop a ball if a helmet is blocking their vision.
  • Little athletes can't shoot a ball if gloves are loosening their grip.
  • Little athletes can't run with a lacrosse stick if they are fitted with the large, heavy pads.
  • Little athletes can't feel safe if they are using a hard lacrosse ball.
  • Little athletes can't learn to control a Lacrosse stick if it is too big or too small.
We have seen young kids frustrated and intimated by wearing ill-fitted uncomfortable gear, that's why we don't use it. 


We recommend purchasing one of our WARRIOR WARP LACROSSE STICKS that are customized and age-appropriate stick. 
LIL KIDS LAX WARRIOR WARP MINI LACROSSE STICKS  - For Ages 3- up to 6 years. Game-changing technology, a patented stick designed to fit the needs of our young athletes. It has a bigger/deeper pocket made with "LiL Kids Lax" colored mesh, a wider head for easier scooping /catching and a custom painted, thinner shaft designed to teach hand placement, (no more tape) and provide better hand control.  We use colored soft tennis balls for safer learning. 
LIL KIDS LAX WARRIOR WARP JUNIOR LACROSSE STICKS  - For over 6 years. The WARRIOR WARP JUNIOR is a step up from the Warp Mini and designed for the next level of play for your 6 to 8 yr old Athlete. The pocket has more material (mesh) and can be played with a real lacrosse ball as well as a tennis ball.


Technological devices are ruling the world and eating up hours of our children's free time.  Parents must educate themselves on the sports program options and find the ones best suited for their kids. We need to start them young. mix it up and find the stuff that sticks-- learn what makes kids excited about being physical, encourage a positive mindset and make physical activity a family priority.

Because times are different and our kids don't "play" the way that we did. Parents need to make a plan to keep their kids active and involved with sports.

We believe a physically sound body also produces a sound mind.  The benefits of physical activity are associated with improving academic achievement, building cognitive skills, helping concentration/attention and improving attitude and classroom behavior.  Studies say physical activity can have a positive effect on happiness.  So play sports and be happy!

 Interested in learning more about our curriculum? Find out more here >
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