LiL Kids Lax coaches have lots of experience working with young children, they posses the excitement & energy for teaching and they want to share it with your child.  They demonstrate patience & understanding, lacrosse knowledge from their experience of playing and coaching, and they are silly and FUN. Our coaches are the best, so says our kids, so says our parents.



LiL Kids Lax Head Coaches are certified to work with kids, they are teachers, educators & coaches.

Background Checked

LiL Kids Lax runs background checks on all coaches of every level at all locations.

CPR Certified

LiL Kids Lax Head Coaches are CPR certified. 

LiL Kids Lax Trained

LiL Kids Lax coaches attend monthly training programs lead by  LiL Kids Lax Directors. 


Tom Kessler

Played lots and lots of Lacrosse, Business Man, Daddy. He Dreams it, We Follow.

Tracey Passuello

Marketer, Mom, Personal Trainer, Severe O.C.D. Loves Lacrosse, Loves Kids & Loves being the loudest on the field.


Lori Horbach

Head Coach

Teacher, High School Coach, Former Lax Player, Supermom. You had better clean up her backyard when she tells you to!

Coaches at Freeport & Tanglewood

Matt Askinoff

Head Coach

Business-Man turned Firefighter, Former Lax Player. What can I say, Kids Dig Him.

Coaches at Nickerson Beach

Rachel Ray

Head Coach

Teacher, High School Coach, Played alot of Lax. She's the REAL RACHEL RAY.

Coaches at Nickerson Beach

Ciara Morse

Head Coach

Teacher, Coach, Former Lax Player. Remembers every kid's name after 5 mins.

Coaches at Nickerson & Oceanside JCC

Robert Schantz

Head Coach

Played Lacrosse, Coached Lacrosse, Loves Lacrosse. Winner of the loudest "Ready, Aim, Fire" contest.

Coaches at Eisenhower Park 

Katie Mollot

Head Coach

Former College Coach, Former Lacrosse Player. She Knows Her Stuff.

Coaches at Stewart Field & Friends Academy

JD McConnell

Head Coach

This big kid is the loudest, craziest most fun adult on the field! Don't let the serious look fool you!

Coaches at Grace Day School & Nickerson Beach

Kevin Carey

Assistant Coach

The other "half" of the Katie/Kevin team!! Coach Kevin yells JUMP and we ask how high??

Coaches at Stewart Field & Friends Academy

Michaela Aymong

Head Coach

Soft spoken (sometimes), FUN (all the time)--Lacrosse player, coach, trainer!

Coaches at St. Marks Center & Moose Lodge

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Chip Haunss

Head Coach

Coach Chip is just like one of the kids!!!

Coaches at John Burns Park

Nicole Wahlig

Head Coach

Student, coach, coffee addict... Always up for a game of Sharks and Minnows!

Coaches at Stewart Field & St. Marks Center

Alice Lee

Assistant Coach

Studies in Manhattan, lives her Long Island lacrosse dreams through the kids. 

Coaches at St. Marks Center

Alana Greene

Assistant Coach

College student, former lacrosse player, the kids love to show off for Alana!

Coaches at Friends Academy

Allie Kaplan

Assistant Coach

Teacher, Coach, Former Lacrosse player. Make sure there are no birds near Coach Allie, she's afraid of them!

Coaches at Nickerson Beach & John Burns Park

Izzy Glennon

Assistant Coach

College student & former High School Super Star.....wants to win all the relay races!

Coaches at Friends Academy & Manhasset Congregational Church

Liz Haggerty

Assistant Coach

Lax player, coach, soft spoken and calm.....she will never let you see her sweat.

Coaches at Cedar Creek 

Melissa Niewender

Head Coach

Pre-k teacher, former college lacrosse player & Coach Mel runs on coffee and Netflix. 

Coaches at Stewart Field 

Jessie Weil

Assistant Coach

You better shuffle when she says shuffle. Defense is her thing!!!

Coaches at Friends Academy, Grace Day School & Eisenhower Park

Mike Breglia

Assistant Coach

Played lacrosse, coaches lacrosse, refs lacrosse, loves lacrosse. Watching kids play lacrosse is the best ever!

Coaches at Nickerson Beach & Tanglewood Preserve

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