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lacrosse taught simply, safely & fun

It is our mission to make learning Lacrosse simple, safe, and fun for your child. We share our passion and excitement for the fastest growing sport in the country with everyone in our program. We create a supportive and positive environment in which your child is challenged through a variety of ways. Our drills are tailored to suit your child, whether this is the first time he or she has played Lacrosse, or the thousandth.  We strive for consistency and diversity in each class experience.


For the younger kids, we offer creative games that not only teach basic Lacrosse skills, but also letters, numbers, colors, listening skills and foot/eye coordination. We emphasize teamwork, treating each other with kindness, and celebrate each new task a child learns in our program with encouragement.   Class sizes are kept small for our LiL Athletes. Typically there will be 2-3 coaches at all times so that each child gets plenty of coaching. For the older kids, we work on techniques such as passing/catching, movement with/without the ball, defending/attacking - both individually and as a group.  We want the kids to have fun, yet feel challenged. Our coaches work hard to make each class unique.


Owned & designed in 2013 by Tom Kessler, father of 3 and a former Division One, two-time All American and Professional Lacrosse Player.


Tom built LiL Kids Lax to introduce kids to athletic activity using the sport of Lacrosse as the vehicle-- teaching all the fundamentals, using socialization, using reinforcement of life skills learned at school and putting them in play.

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