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introduction to lacrosse for children.

questions & answers for LiL Kids Lax parents.

What makes LiL Kids Lax different from other sports programs?

Tom Kessler, the Founder of LiL Kids Lax has played and coached Lacrosse for over 2 decades. Playing at the highest level of Division 1 Athletics and even beyond in the MLL. He has studied Lacrosse coaching techniques from some of the worlds best youth programs and Players. He brings this experience to all LiL Kids Lax coaches and classes.


We emphasize learning while having fun, using drills that build on the foundation of many Lacrosse techniques as well as sports activity in general. Our classes are carefully planned and organized to give your child plenty of attention in a positive environment while learning the wonderful game of Lacrosse. We will be keeping our class sizes small (10-15 kids, depending on age group) so that your child gets plenty of attention without feeling crowded. 

How do I sign up for a LiL Kids Lax class?

  • Determine the session/location/age group you want to register from below. 

  • Choose "More Info"  for the one you want to register for.

  • Choose "Register" for the session/location/age group you picked.

  • Create an account by supplying your email and your password.

  • Choose "Add to Cart" (keep shopping to add more sessions.)

  • The discount code for Sibling Discount of 5 % off each child is FAMILY.

  • You will have the opportunity to purchase one of our Warrior Warp Lacrosse Sticks during registration.

  • Does my child need special Lacrosse gear or a uniform?

    Children need an age appropriate lacrosse stick or a MINI Stick.  No other equipment is necessary. Mini lacrosse sticks can be purchased through our registration and can be used for future sessions. For more info on our sticks click here.


    Sticks that we offer are:

    • WARRIOR WARP **CUSTOM** MINI LACROSSE STICK: Patented LKL color painted shaft for hand placement $30 

    • WARRIOR WARP MINI LACROSSE STICK (not customized) $20 

    • WARRIOR WARP JUNIOR Lacrosse Stick $40 


    For the safety of all children we ask that you please NOT wear cleats. We provide a t-shirt and your child may wear gym shorts/pants and sneakers. We provide all the balls, cones, nets, etc that will be used during the class. Since the kids do a lot of running around, we allow for water breaks, so please make sure your child has something to drink.

    How will I know if my class is cancelled due to weather?

    If your class is outdoors and it is raining, you will be advised of CLASS CANCELLATION BY:

    1) E-Mail Message. Please check you SPAM folder if you are not sure.

    2) We will  POST AN ANNOUNCEMENT on our website homepage.

    3) On our Face Book Page.

    4) We use RAINEDOUT for our Text Messaging.

    5) If you need more help signing up for text messages  watch this video on instructions.

    6) If in doubt, or you do not have access to the internet, please call our office at 516-725-5509.

    7) All rain days will be added on at the end of the season.

    How do you handle Refunds and Make-up Classes?

    LiL Kids Lax guarantees a refund for the remaining classes (after a $15 administrative fee, first time participant fee is non-refundable) before the 3rd class of any season. No refunds thereafter. If you withdraw your child from the program, you must notify Lil Kids Lax in writing no less than 24 hours before the 3rd class of the season and are responsible for all charges until you do so. No refunds for missed classes. Up to two FREE make-up classes are permitted, contingent to availability.  You must notify us before missing a class to be eligible for a makeup. The makeup can be made up in your current season or can be carried over to the next following season only.   Email the date/time/location you are requesting for your makeup class and wait for confirmation before attending.

    Do you offer a trial class?

    Sorry, we do not. In order to keep our class size controlled and our classes well organized we do not offer a trial class. We encourage you to join for the season, and if any time before your 3rd class, you find it’s not working out, we will refund you for the remaining unused classes. Please read our “Policy” page for more info.

    I have another child that is not in your program, can I bring him/her to class?

    We welcome all family members to watch the class, but siblings not enrolled in LiL Kids Lax cannot participate in the class and must stay off the playing field/gym floor for safety and liability reasons. They must be under parent or caregiver supervision for the duration of the class. Sorry, siblings must also refrain from the use of our equipment. Again, this is for your child’s safety.

    We do offer a discount for siblings. Register more than one child and you get $10 off the retail price.

    What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards.

    Does the Lil Kids Lacrosse Program use real lacrosse balls?

    No, we use only squishy balls or tennis balls during all Lil Kids Lax sessions, never actual lacrosse balls.

    I have a few friends and we’d all like to join the same class. How do we do this?

    Simply advise your friends of the location you would like to join and sign up, provided there are enough spots left in the class you should have no problem.

    If by chance the class is closed out, please send us an email. If there are 8 or more kids we can look to start another location.
    If your friends are not the same age we ask that you stay within your age group.

    I don’t see my neighborhood on your class list, when will you be offering Lil kids Lax classes here?

    As we expand LiL Kids Lax we are looking for the right neighborhoods and locations that can accommodate our programs. If you would like to see LiL Kids Lax Programs in your town please email us to let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

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