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Start Active, Stay Active

Youth sports don't look like they did when we were kids. Neither does exercise.

Times are different and as parents we are witnessing children who are bombarded with unhealthy food, early access to electronic devices, over-scheduled days and a decreased desire to just go outside and play.

Educating ourselves and building a plan to keep children active & in sports for years to come is critical.

And guess what? It has to start when they are young.

It sounds ridiculous-- we know. Why do we have to make a plan to help our kids "stay active"?

Just read these alarming facts:

-Over the last 30 years, obesity has tripled among children. ***That's 13.7 million children/adolescents considered overweight ***By 2030 50% of population will be considered obese ***70% of overweight children grow up to be overweight adults

-No one is getting enough exercise. ***60 minutes of exercise per day is recommended ***74% of children don't get enough exercise-- that's 12.5 million ***Children are spending an average of 7.5 hours on electronic devices ***They should only be spending 1-2 hours

-Sports are on the decline. ***Kids playing team sports fell ***Kids playing an individual sport dropped ***70% of kids drop out of organized athletics by age 13

So what can we do? 🔹Educate ourselves, research all the sports programs out there and find the ones best suited for each age group and developmental stage.

🔹Start them young, mix it up and find stuff that sticks-- instead of pushing them into it help make it part of who they are.

🔹Be positive, use encouraging words about everything exercise related--kids pick up on negativity, even if it's about our own workouts! Don't put too much pressure on it, If it isn't fun they won't want to do it again.

🔹Learn what makes our kids excited about being physical, encourage a positive mindset and make physical activity a family priority. If kids see that fitness is part of our daily routine they will know it is important.

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