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Why Your Child Should Try Lacrosse This Winter.

During the winter months, getting children off the couch to go outside and play sports is challenging. Freezing, long dark days, make even the most energetic people tired. Studies from the Center for Disease Control give us recommended guidelines for how many hours children need per week for exercising/physical activity -- it out weighs the actual sunlight!

Our options for outdoor play are limited and before you know it, kids are on their technological devices and video games for way too long. It is hard to motivate yourself as well as your child to get out and be active, but if we take the winter off we run the risk of losing valuable muscle, cardiovascular fitness and hurt our positive mental health.

So what about registering your child for LiL Kids Lax indoors this winter? Just in case you haven't participated already we want to give you some reason why joining us is a great choice:

1) Maybe outdoor field conditions are difficult for your child. Lack of climate control, seasonal allergies, conflict with commitments to other sports like soccer/baseball-- now you have the chance to participate without these obstacles.

2) Maybe overall intimidation of outdoor Lacrosse is keeping you away-- LiL Kids Lax is the ultimate introduction to the sport with no pressure, no equipment besides a Lacrosse stick and we use tennis balls as well as SWAX balls. Winter indoor Lacrosse is the perfect time to get acclimated, learn skills and fundamentals in a smaller controlled setting.

3) Just keep active! Get exercise, burn calories, increase and strengthen muscles. Help combat illness, squash fatigue because being sedentary for too long can have a negative impact on both physical and mental well being.

4) Keep the momentum going! Work on skills learned from the prior season--everything learned indoors will be carried over for success when outdoor picks up in the spring.

5) Winter indoor Lacrosse is something to do. Get out there and see friends, make new ones and have FUN!

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