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Making Sports Stick.

We know that some kids spend too much time on smart devices and playing video games. But did you ever wonder WHY they enjoy them so much? How can they play them for hours? Did YOU ever try to play them? Us parents just don't get it, we didn't have immersive games growing up so learning learn how to play them now when our fine motor skills are already developed is challenging. Our kids are playing them at their most influential stage of development. Video game companies are really smart.

Did you know?

1) Video game makers study what kids play, what they like, what they share, and they ASK them for feedback and then actually make new versions of the game? The games just keep getting better!

2) Video games are instant gratification. Kids don't need to be patient & they don't need to share.

3) Most games are designed around reward systems and kids like rewards.

4) Video games are mental stimulation with an interactive element. Kind of like reading but way better.

5) Video games seem alive to children, they get to use their imagination and participate in larger than life worlds. Kind of like a mini-vacation from reality.

6) Video games are becoming very social. Over 70% of games are played with friends. They play against each other, work together, get to be leaders, get to be part of a team, all the things they love about playing games.

Let's make youth sports just as exciting as video games.

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