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The Gentle Start: Why Little Kids Should Begin Lacrosse Without Equipment

By, Tom Kessler, LiL Kids Lax & Protege Owner

When introducing young children to the game of lacrosse, there is a growing trend of starting them off without traditional lacrosse equipment. Instead, focusing on skill development, fun, and creating a positive experience becomes the priority. In this blog post, we'll explore the reasons why little kids should begin their lacrosse journey without wearing equipment and the benefits it can offer.

1. Safety Considerations:

For very young children, the use of lacrosse equipment, such as helmets and pads, may not be necessary at the initial stages of learning the sport. The focus is on fundamental skill development, hand-eye coordination, and basic movement patterns. By removing the equipment, potential hazards are minimized, and the risk of accidental injury is significantly reduced.

2. Enhanced Freedom of Movement:

Without equipment, little kids have greater freedom of movement, allowing them to explore and develop essential motor skills. It enables them to focus on running, catching, throwing, and other lacrosse-specific movements without feeling encumbered or restricted. This freedom helps foster a natural and organic progression of skill development.

3. Increased Confidence and Comfort:

Starting lacrosse without equipment can boost children's confidence and comfort level on the field. The absence of protective gear eliminates any potential discomfort or unfamiliarity, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the sport. This positive experience builds their enthusiasm and eagerness to continue their lacrosse journey.

4. Emphasis on Skill Development:

The early stages of learning lacrosse are primarily focused on mastering fundamental skills such as cradling, passing, and catching. By removing equipment, coaches and instructors can concentrate on these essential skills, breaking them down into simple, manageable steps. This approach promotes proper technique and ensures a solid foundation before introducing additional elements.

5. Fun and Enjoyment:

At its core, lacrosse should be a fun and enjoyable experience for young children. Removing equipment allows them to engage fully in the joy of the game without the added burden of protective gear. It encourages creativity, imagination, and a sense of playfulness, making the learning process more exciting and captivating.

6. Gradual Introduction of Equipment:

As children progress in their lacrosse journey and develop the necessary skills, equipment can be gradually introduced. This transition can be a milestone in their development, signaling their readiness to take the next step. With a solid foundation of skills and increased understanding of the game, they will be better prepared to embrace and appreciate the benefits of protective gear.

Starting little kids off on their lacrosse journey without equipment offers a range of benefits, including safety, enhanced freedom of movement, increased confidence, skill development, and a focus on fun. By prioritizing these aspects, young players can establish a strong foundation and develop a love for the game. As they progress, the gradual introduction of equipment will further enhance their experience, while ensuring their safety and continued growth.

So, let's create an environment where young children can explore the sport of lacrosse freely, fostering their passion and nurturing their skills. Together, we can ensure that their lacrosse journey is filled with joy, growth, and positive experiences.


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